Web Business – 1

This week I really enjoyed learning about the different ways to go about starting a business on the web. I was introduced to different ways of brainstorming ideas. It was kind of fascinating. It wasn’t until one of my classmates mentioned using the different methods for a real life application that I thought of actually doing that. I initially was only using the information as a way to learn for the assignment. After that comment, I feel like I can and should use these methods in my life.

In learning about different business models, I enjoyed thinking of the different websites I have frequented that fit those different models. For the assignment, we were to look at the different web business models and choose one to use for the case study. The majority of the class chose the manufacturing, merchant, or affiliate models. I tried really hard to think of a different model for the case study. I chose the brokerage model, specifically the virtual mall. My choice might not have been the most effective for the group, but I liked the challenge of thinking of another way that would work. It was nice throwing that out to my classmates as well to see what they thought.

I am excited to continue to learn different principles and tools in this class. It is very interesting to see how this works for my major and also apply to other classes.

Web Business – 1

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